Poker – Club 52



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Poker – Club 52 plays Texas Hold’em on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, doors open at 4:45.  Cash games start at 5:15, tournament sign-up is until 5:30.   …

We meet at and have exclusive EVENING use of the card room in the SCW  Men’s Club building, located on Meeker Blvd just north of the SCW Library.  The address is 13785 W Meeker Blvd.  

All women and men who live in Sun City West with current Rec. Cards are welcome at the Poker Club 52. The club offers nightly “Limit Cash Games” and “No Limit Tournaments”.  The various cash games have blinds ranging from .25c to $1.00.  The tournaments have a $20.00 buy-in, in which the players are given $4900 in tournament chips.  

ALWAYS !!!  100% of the nightly tournament entry fee is returned to the players as prize money, typically paying the top 9 finishers. It is suggested that you arrive early to sign up for the cash game or tournament you prefer to play. Annual membership dues are $10.00 and nightly play fee of $1.00.