Tri-City Hold’em Tournament 2020

The poker Club 52 hosted the third annual Tri -City poker tournament in February 2020. The annual tournament draws player not only from our Club 52 but also from Sun City West Men’s Club, Sun City Men’s Club and Sun City Grand poker players. With our sister Sun City communities involved this is always a very exciting tournament and stimulates both camaraderie and competition among all players.

This tournament has a history going back about 20 years when it was very popular but had eventually lost its motivational force. However, three years ago, Rudy Velasquez, our current President, decided to lead a group to reincarnate this tournament.

The Tri-City tournament was a huge success again this year with about 155 players participating. At about the mid point of the tournament a nice meal was catered and served by Memo’s Bistro.

Play then resumed and the camaraderie that was shared over dinner turned again to competition and continued with players gradually being eliminated until the last “player down” resulted in just 15 players left. These players all now qualified for some of the prize money. The goal now was to move up in prize money to be one of the 10 at the final table. After this goal was reached and a few more players “busted out”, the 7 remaining player decided to call it quits and just evenly “chop” the remaining prize money. These players were : Bill Conklin/SCG, Lewis Lowry/SCG, Gene O’Connor/SCW, Joe Wresten/SCG, Lou Helstrom/SCW, Monty Rice/SC and Bill Freydberg/SCW.

We are ready

Down to three tables

Play Begins

Down to two tables

The final table

Players in the final “CHOP”


Back row from left to right: 
  • Bill Conklin, Sun City Grand
  • Lewis Lowy, Sun City Grand
  • Gene O’Connor, Sun City West
  • Joe Wresten, Sun City Grand

Back row from left to right:
  • Lou Helstrom, Sun City West
  • Monte Rice, Sun City
  • Bill Freydberg, Sun City West